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Hi, I'm six years old and I've been anorexic and bulimic since I was nine months. When I was three, I had a miscarriage of nine pups. That's when I went into recovery, but I gave up after two weeks. I hit my lowest weight last year when I was five. But I've gained since then and I'm DISGUSTING! My family (mom, dad, and there are FIVE kids in this house and I'm the ONLY pet - well, there's a fish and some beenie babies) is always watching and last year they started to put more calories in my food by putting in that "calorie powder" stuff that makes people FAT that's for HUMAN BODYBUILDERS.


Breed: Black Lab
Sex: Female
Current Weight: 48 pounds (UGH!)
Highest Weight: 72 pounds (Right before my miscarriage - I went down to 66 after)
Lowest Weight: 36 pounds (last year)
Short Term Goal: 40 pounds
Long Term Goal: 29 pounds

I hate being a black lab, I've always admired greyhounds. Even if I eat like one, I look SO FAT while they look so flawfless, like a runway model! I once knew this greyhound named Pookie, she had so many ribs showing...

Here's a picture of me from last year at my lowest! Oh, you don't know how I long for 36 pounds and ribs like that again again.

And here I am at my highest! EWWW!

Anyway! I haven't eaten anything in six days but I think my master is figuring out that I'm taking my food in my mouth, not eating it, and moving it to toilet. Not actually purging because I never really eat it, not chewing and spitting because I don't chew. It's hard!

OH MAN. I cannot help it I want a pig's ear SO BAD and I'm afaid I'm gonna binge. HELP!

BLACK LAB, THIS ONE COULD BE ME!!! (She has SUCH a pretty face though!)

Oh yeah, and does anyone know a charity that helps abused/starved dogs? I want to do something to help dogs that don't choose this size!!

One last thing, am I the only black dog here? It seems like anorexia is mostly a thing lighter dogs do. :( Dogs of colour usually have "other problems" I guess.

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